Instructor Post: What to do when you feel like giving up

Life can be hard. Period.

Whether you are a ______ (insert whatever you are here) or a _______ (you know the drill). Life can be hard. You are trying to balance everything, everybody and not miss a beat. You are trying to remain optimistic, keep your head high and try not lose your cool or yourself in the process.

Maybe you are early in your career and you are trying to find your place. Maybe you are mature in your career and trying to figure out what’s next. Maybe you’re a mother, father, job seeker, business owner, fully engaged employee, full time student, homeless, underemployed, underpaid, overwhelmed and about to burst at the seams. Things have gotten hazy, you feel confused, and you don’t know if you’ve made the right choices, but you also don’t know what you’re doing wrong.

I get it all. You are over it all, you’re not sure where to turn- you want to give up.

I read an article recently that talked about how many basketball players practice anywhere between 40-60 hours a week before they play a game. And although there’s a 50/50 chance that they may win or lose, there’s often only a day or two in between the next game they’re scheduled to play. During the off time, they go back- they look at tapes, review plays, make adjustments and get ready for the next game with the same 50/50 chance of winning or losing. And you know what happens the next week?  The same song and dance. Almost like “the song that never ends” on repeat.

I wish I had some breakthrough profound advice to give you but I don’t. My point is to remind you that the countless phone interviews, exploratory conversations and face to face meetings are practice before the real show. Don’t get tired here.


Take a break if you need one. Mentally reset and then keep going. There’s a saying that says something along the lines of “the only shot that matters are the ones you don’t take”.

Shoot every shot.

You will be fatigue. You will be disappointed and you will get exhausted of the song that never ends. Now that we know that… you stand at the intersection of being good and being great. Lebron, Beyonce, Oprah, (insert someone you admire here) all get tired. But they all keep going…. And you should too.