Managing Change

Managing Change

Change management addresses the human challenges that all organizations face: supporting employees of the organization to let go of the past and accept the new.

●       HRs participation in strategic planning allows us to have an impact on change initiatives and working proactively with managers and other employee facing personnel


Role of HR during change- HR can play key role in helping employees adapt to change by considering the following:

●       Showing commitment to the new changes

●       Involving employees in change process. They are more likely to accept and will be key in helping others to adapt

●       Making top management and their support of the changes visible

●       Communicating a clear and consistent message to employees

●       Using peer/group influence to support change

●       Anticipating resistance and proactively preparing for it

5 common imperatives for change management:

1.      Create awareness of the need for change (example wellness programs only work when associates know why healthcare costs are rising)

2.      Create a vision of where you want to go- the future should be concrete and imaginable for employees to see (i.e. HR describes positive effects of a healthy lifestyle)

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