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Instructor Post:Feeling Insecure? 3 tips for handling insecurities

Yes you. You are amazing just the way you are. There’s this saying that says something to the effect of “.. your worth doesn’t diminish because of someone’s inability to see your value”. When things don’t go the way you would expect them too, don’t start doubting yourself. Tweak where necessary but resist the urge to feel as though you have to change who you are to accommodate others. 

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Instructor Post: What we can learn from Geoffrey Owens

The recent story about Geoffrey Owens, former Cosby Show cast member struck a nerve with me. In short, he was shamed for being a celebrity that now works as a cashier/bagger at Trader Joes. I cringed at the thought of shaming someone for earning an honest living. The irony of looking down on people for not working while criticizing the type of work baffled me. It made me reflect on a few things: 

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