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Organizations needs are identified and articulated - this is the first step in the instructional design process. Can be used to identify effectiveness in reaching orgasm goals, gaps in performance, types of programs needed, target audience, content based on facts, base-line info to evaluate effectiveness and parameters for cost-effective programs.

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Instructor Post: What we can learn from Geoffrey Owens

The recent story about Geoffrey Owens, former Cosby Show cast member struck a nerve with me. In short, he was shamed for being a celebrity that now works as a cashier/bagger at Trader Joes. I cringed at the thought of shaming someone for earning an honest living. The irony of looking down on people for not working while criticizing the type of work baffled me. It made me reflect on a few things: 

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Tips for new HR Professionals

You’ve just landed your dream job in Human Resources. Congrats to you! Welcome to the community. The evolution of human resources has been an interesting one to watch. We’ve gone from being consider the paper pushers to the strategic partners of an organization. Depending on the role you’ve just accepted, it can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. At HR Defined, we want to share some tool box items we think you could use as a new HR Professional.

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