Before you implement training, you should ensure that your goals align with the overall business strategy. You can do this by following the A.D.D.I.E Model.

ADDIE Model: standard instructional design model that is conducive to any type of learning.

A= needs assessment - identify gaps between actual and desired performance

D= program design -

D=program development

I= implementation of programs (includes pilot programs, revisions to content, participant scheduling, and preparing learning environment)

E = evaluation

Needs assessment/analysis - Organizations needs are identified and articulated - this is the first step in the instructional design process. Can be used to identify effectiveness in reaching orgasm goals, gaps in performance, types of programs needed, target audience, content based on facts, base-line info to evaluate effectiveness and parameters for cost-effective programs.  Important to review organizational environmental scanning and SWOT analysis to ensure the program is aligned with strategic goals.

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